General French & speaking skills/summer workshop (2 weeks)

2 weeks General French + speaking skills/summer workshop

Monday to Friday

  2:15pm to 5:15pm


September 2017: 4th to 15th / 18th to 29th

January 2018:  4th to 17th 

February 2018: 1st to 14th 

July 2018: 2nd to 13th/16th to 27th

August 2018: 1st to 14th/20th to 31st

September 2018: 3rd to 14th/ 17th to 28th 

speaking skills/summer workshop

Monday to Friday

except Wednesday 
12.30pm to 1.45pm


40 hours for 2 weeks

30 hours of General French 

+ 10 hours of speaking skills/summer workshop

To be noticed

In January and February:

speaking skills

 In July, August, September:
Summer Workshop




A1 to C1


Package INcL. acCommodation

Courses + accommodation package
- in a host family (half board)
- in studio (apart'hotel Saxe Gambetta) 

tuition fees 2017



Tuition fees 2018 

370€/2 weeks  



398€/2 weeks     

  • According to your level, this course will help you discover French culture & society: French way of living, press, cinema, etc.

  • You will improve your French Language using various tools and materials (audi, video, texts)

  • You will study linguistic structures : sentences, vocabulary, idiomatic, exceptions 

  • You will enhance writing and oral skills : presentations, comments, brief…

  • You will be prepared for exams DELF, DALF, TCF

Teaching materials
  • Alter Ego+ 1, 2, 3, 4

  • Documents created by AFLyon

  • Multimedia

  • AFLyon's educational and social network

HOW TO register?                     

  • Create an account (or log in if you have an account) and click on Buy a course

  • Click on Complementary/workshop and select Extra-Intensive General French - 2 weeks

  • Select your preferred dates (courses and/or package courses + accommodation)

  • Please note that some options include accommodation (package courses + accommodation). 

Note: if you are an absolute beginner, you must choose a session which starts at the beginning of July, August or September.