What is pre-registration?

The Alliance Française of Lyon offers, to students who need a "student visa" or a "long stay visa",  to pay a part of their total order at the time of the online registration. A pre-registration is not a booking and does not guarantee a place in the chosen course. Your registration will be confirmed once the full payment has been received in due time.



You can Pre-register if:

1. You need a "Student" or a "long stay" visa

2. You want to register for at least 4 months of intensive or extra-intensive General French day courses in our school

3. You need to pre-register at least 3 months before the beginning of your course 


How does it work?

To complete your pre-registration, you will have to pay a deposit of 180€ for each month purchased (this deposit acts as part of the tuition fees and reduces the tuition fees payable on registration). As an example, if you pre-register for 6 months, you will have to pay the following:

- yearly registration fees

- fees for accommodation assistance (if you want to use our accommodation service)

- pre-registration fees of 180€ per month purchased (180€*6= 1080€)


How to pre-register online?


2. Create your account and follow the steps 

3. When you confirm your order, you will be able to choose the pre-registration option (if you are entitled to): tick the box and pay the fees

4. Once we receive your fees, we will send you the proof of enrollment required for your visa application 

5. 45 days before the beginning of your course, the final payment has to be due. during this period you can ask us at to postpone the beginning of your course. 


Pre-register in person

You or someone close to you can do a pre-registration at AFLyon during the registration desk open hours.


NB: If your visa is rejected, we will be able to pay you back (see our General Terms and Condition) providing that you contact us before your original start date. To proceed, we will need a proof of your visa rejection as well as your bank details. 



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