The Alliance Française of Lyon allows you to benefit from student status which gives you the right to:

  • Work part-time
  • Join the student social security scheme
  • Gain access to the C.R.O.U.S. restaurant
  • Obtain the same benefits as university students

Conditions :

  • Be under 28 years old
  • Be registered for an intensive or extra-intensive programme (at least 60h/month) at the Alliance Française de Lyon for more than 3 months
Note: you should ask for French Sécurité Sociale (medical coverage) upon your arrival. (Registration will be considered from the date of your application)
  • Join the French Sécurité Sociale by paying the packaged price of 215€ except if you already have the student status in Europe

Note: It is required to provide a birth certificate (translated into French by a sworn translator) and open a personal bank account in France in order to provide a RIB (Bank details).

Social security reimburses medical expenses if you are ill, injured or hospitalized.
Attention: If you would like to register for an intensive or extra-intensive course at the Alliance française de Lyon for more than3 months and you are under28 years old, there is no point in taking out private insurance in your home country.
For more information: +33 4 78 95 24 72 / ijozwicki@aflyon.org

(go to the front desk every Mondays and Thursdays from 9:30am to 12pm)