AFLyon is more than a school, it is a very unique place where students SHARE a language and BRING cultures together: every month, we welcome about 80 different nationalities! 


Michal (Polish) "Lyon, I will be back!"

Michal, a polish student and winner of the "Et en plus je parle français" comptetition organized by the Institut français de Pologne, tells us of his experience in Lyon:

A week in Lyon is probably the best thing that can happen to Francophile; a breathtaking city, interesting museums and incredible views and monuments, which are not suppressed by the crowds of tourists. The Lyonnaise cuisine is a treat for every gourmet; it is the culinary capital of France with a very varied food. Alliance Francaise course allows me to look at my linguistic skills in a different way, I would love to continue this experience. Lyon, I will be


Michał, polski uczeń posiada stypendium Institut français de Pologne, opowiada o swoim doświadczeniu w Lyonie:
Tydzień w Lyonie to chyba najlepsza rzecz jaka może spotkać frankofila; miasto zapierające dech w piersiach, ciekawe muzea oraz przepiękne widoki i zabytki, a przy tym gwar francuskiego języka nie przytłumiony przez tłum zagranicznych turystów. Kulinarnie Lyon to niemała gratka dla smakosza, gdyż jest to kulinarna stolica Francji o bardzo zróżnicowanej kuchni. Sam kurs w Alliance Francaise pozwolił mi spojrzeć na moje umiejętności lingwistyczne z innej strony, na pewno z chęcią kontynuowałbym. Lyon, jeszcze tu wrócę!  

DAVID (POLISH) "the great choice for the hot summer and to learn French"

David, a polish student and winner of the "Et en plus je parle français" comptetition organized by the Institut français de Pologne, tells us of his experience in Lyon:


"Wonderful time in a wonderful place! Lyon and Alliance Française - the great choice for the hot summer and to learn French. I recommend it for everyone!"



"Cudowny czas we wspaniałym miejscu! Lyon i Alliance Française to świetny wybór na gorące lato i naukę francuskiego. Polecam wszystkim!" 


Maria (South Korea): I have been traveling the whole word but Lyon is definitely my favorite city. For me, it is a perfect combination of the hustle bustle of a big city and the charm of a small village. The stunning historical buildings in the Old Town area as well as the breathtaking view from the Fourvière never cease to amaze me. The fresh breeze of air gives me a sensation of freedom somehow. At night, the atmosphere feels warm and romantic thanks to the city lights. Just like Napoleon, I fall in love a little bit harder every day with this city without really knowing why.

Sandra (Spain): I come from a mountainous area in the northwest of Spain where the wild nature, the caves, the woods, the rivers and the lakes form altogether the landscape. What I love about Lyon is how close it is to the nature. There is a lot of green destinations in less than an hour or two from the city center. The offer is unlimited! For those who wish to combine nature and culture could also visit the countless historical and archeological sites spread throughout the region. It is a never-ending surprise!

Bárbara (Brazil): On my first day in Lyon, I discovered the Rhône. There, by the riverside, I could not help but thinking of the coastline in Rio de Janeiro to which I'm completely attached. At that very moment, I found home away from home. Here I saw the snow for the very first time in my life. Nobody ever told me that those tiny snowflakes tickle your face! This city has changed my horizon and now I am ready to follow a yet different path. Luckily, there is the "confluence" so I am not going to say "farewell" now. I would prefer saying "till I see you again!"

Jasmin (Germany): My first association to the word "fire" in my life in France was the sincerity of the people (in French "fire" also means "lighter"), the relations between them, as well as the open-mindedness of the people I've been lucky to cross paths with until now. I also get this idea of "fire" when it comes to food. It is not just because people use gas stove here more than in Germany but it's more about the "warmth" of the dishes and the ambiance at the table. I am also in love with the city lights at night. I still remember my first Fête de Lumières last December where I saw Lyon like I had never seen it before. From the basilica, the old town, all the way through the "Presqu'île" to the "Confluences", the city was shimmering with lights. It was an experience of a lifetime here in Lyon that I would never forget.


BYULSAM (Korea) tells us how she fell in love with the French language...

Even though I lived 19 years in Korea, 2 years in America, 2 years and a half in Italy, and 8 months in France, I do not see myself as an international citizen like the famous French writer Amelie Nothomb. Instead, I feel very Korean. I feel most comfortable when I speak Korean. Korean language is a rich and beautiful language with so many untranslatable words and sentences.


When I was in high school, I felt kind of depressed from time to time. But when I listened to French sentences, it was like a beautiful music and it made me feel better. So I always thought if I have time, I will learn this mysterious language. However, as I was more used to English, I studied English literature in university.


While I had to learn English, I chose to learn French. When I was a student, I discovered a novel which really touched my heart. It was a novel by the French writer, Romain Gary. I felt some kind of connection with this writer. His works were funny and serious at the same time, and I loved how he makes the readers laugh. He was an immigrant with a complicated cultural identity like so many people in France, and I could relate to it.

Perhaps, I want to learn French also because I like the French value. I admire values such as liberty, equality, fraternity, tolerance, solidarity, and the manifestation culture etc. I really appreciate small talks and discussions in cafes as well. I'll never forget the time when my friends and I used to talk about anything that is interesting such as food, culture, life and politics over a coffee.


I very much enjoyed the cultural activities in Alliance Française de Lyon as well. I could get to know people and learn new things by attending events like the short film festival, wine tasting and the festival of Epiphany etc. Some were an eye-opening experience which enriched my life in Lyon.


저는 19년을 한국, 2년을 미국, 2년을 이탈리아, 8개월을 프랑스에서 보냈으나 아멜리 노통브라는 프랑스 작가처럼 저를 국제시민으로 생각하지는 않고, 제 정체성은 한국인이라고 생각하고 있습니다. 한국어를 말할 때 가장 편안하고, 한국어란 (다른 모든 언어와 마찬가지로) 번역불가능한 문장과 단어가 무수히 존재하는 아름다운 언어라고 생각합니다.

저는 고등학교 시절 꽤 우울한 나날들이 있었습니다. 그러나 어쩌다가 카세트 테이프에서 나오는 프랑스어를 접하게 되었는데, 그것이 너무나 부드러운 음악처럼 들리는 것이었습니다. 들은 후에는 기분이 종종 나아지곤 했습니다. 따라서 언젠가는 이 프랑스어를 배우리라 다짐하였습니다. 하지만 그 당시 영어를 더 잘했으므로, 대학에서는 영문학을 공부하게 되었습니다.

영어와 달리 프랑스어를 배우는 것은 제 선택이었습니다. 대학생 때 책을 읽으며 로맹가리라는 프랑스 작가를 접하게 되었습니다. 그의 글은 제가 공감할 수 있는 부분이 많았고, 진지하면서도 웃긴 구석이 있었습니다. 그가 독자를 웃기는 방식에 대하여서도 큰 감명을 받았습니다. 또한 로맹가리는 여러 프랑스 사람들이 그렇듯 복잡한 문화정체성을 가진 이민자 출신이므로 동질감이 느껴졌습니다.

생각해보면, 프랑스어가 제 귀에 들리는 방식과 프랑스적 가치가 좋아서 저는 불어를 공부하게 된 것 같습니다. 저는 자유, 평등, 박애, 관용, 연대, 시위문화처럼 프랑스와 관련이 있는 가치를 사랑합니다. 프랑스 카페의 토론 문화도 정말 좋아했습니다. 리옹의 카페나 바에 앉아서 친구들과 커피 혹은 맥주를 마시며, 온갖 개인적이고 일상적인 이야기부터 정치나 사회문제까지 때로는 가볍게, 때로는 진지하게 이야기를 나누었던 추억을 잊지 못할 것입니다.

알리앙스 프랑세즈에서 참여했던 문화활동들은 리옹에서의 나날들을 한층 즐겁게 해주었습니다. 단편영화제 관람 및 심사, 포도주 시음, 주현절 파이 나눠먹기 등 다양하고 재밌는 문화활동에 적극적으로 참여하며 새로운 사람들을 만나고, 새로운 것들을 배울 수 있었기 때문에 저에게 좋은 기회가 되었고, 여러가지를 얻을 수 있었습니다.



Katherin (colombia) 

A sus 12 años, Katherin obtuvo una beca para estudiar el francés durante algunos meses. Esta primera experiencia la llenó de ganas de ir más lejos y algunos años más tarde ella decide inscribirse a la Alianza Francesa de Medellín. Muy motivada ella asistia a sus cursos de francés de forma paralela a sus cursos en la Institución Educativa Madre María Mazzarello. Nace, entonces, su proyecto de irse a estudiar a Francia, se define poco a poco e inmediatamente después de graduarse como bachiller, Katherin se sube en un avión rumbo a Lyon con un objetivo claro en su cabeza "Estudio el francés en Lyon para obtener mi DELF B2 y luego poder inscribirme en el pregrado de Biología en la Universidad de Estrasburgo".

Como tenemos ganas de saber más, esta joven estudiante llena de energia asegura que fue en un principio por la talla humana que hay en Lyon que ella la eligió esta primera destinación "París es como Bogotá; Lyon es como Medellín" y por la calidad de de la educación en biología es que ella eligió Estrasburgo.
Llegada a Lyon hace 10 meses, Katherin aprecia particularmente la calidad de vida: "me encanta caminar por las orillas del Ródano y del Saona: ¡el agua es tan clara que hay cisnes y patos en plena ciudad!" Cuenta emocionada antes de añadir "el transporte público está muy bien organizado y además uno puede fácilmente visitar la ciudad a pie o en bicicleta".
Y entre todo esto ¿en dónde queda el francés? "Todo se vuelve muy fácil cuando se estudia aquí, uno tiene muchas oportunidades de practicar y hablar y los franceses, al contrario de lo que dicen los clichés, son muy acogedores, ellos me brindan ayuda todo el tiempo!"
Delante de tanto entusiasmo, tenemos, efectivamente, ganas de ayudar a esta joven colombiana: Bravo, Katherin y sigue adelante!


olivia (china) FULFILLED A DREAM

Winner of the contest organized by the Alliances Françaises of Shanghai and Lyon with the support of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, Olivia is finishing her language stay at the Alliance Française of Lyon. With her eyes sparkling and a smile on her face she admits in excellent French: «I realized a dream! I started to learn French in 2010 while I was coming back from a professional trip in Cannes (Olivia works in the movie industry). My desire to go live in France for a while appeared at that time...».

In 2015, while she's attending classes at the Alliance Française of Shanghai, her friends encourage her to participate in this contest, the winner of which will board for a month language trip at the Alliance Française of Lyon. Inspired by the Lumière Brothers, Olivia wrote an intrigue involving these two Lyonnais iconic cinema figures. Between French lessons, she shares: «I loved learning French in France: I found myself getting a real jump and, for the first time, I feel comfortable when I speak French. I've also learned a lot about myself, something has changed in me and I feel like I have grown up! ».

An avid France lover since a long time, Olivia is now addicted to Lyon: «With its excellent cuisine, its rivers, its swans, it is a city where it feels good to live... I had a real crush for the second-hand bookshops on the Quais de Saône and I'm leaving with a suitcase full of books! » Olivia is hoping to come back soon in Lyon. Why not during the Festival Lumière ?




从小热爱法国文化的Olivia,现在也沉迷于里昂:"里昂的美食,宁静的河流,端庄的天鹅,真是一个让人感到生活无比美好的城市... 周末索恩河的旧书市场,真是让我心动不已。我的行李箱装满了法语书! "






 Yaelle et Gérard Collomb, maire de Lyon.

Winner of a contest organized by the Alliance française in Lyon in October 2014 in cooperation with the Alliance française in Shanghai and the Region Rhône-Alpes, Yaelle Yuan has spent one month at the Alliance française in Lyon in June 2015.

She tells:

"Hello, I am Yuan Yang, I teach chinese to foreigners. In 2014, I participated in a writing contest organized with AF Shanghai and AF Lyon on the theme of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of «Petit Prince ». I won the contest and one month of free courses and activities at AF in Lyon.

Before leaving, each AF directors and their collegues helped me to organize my trip, my accommodation, my visa and my level test. Finally I well-arrived in Lyon and I started a (level) B2N4 intensive course from Monday to Friday. During my studies, thanks to AFL, I participated in a few activities (boating on the river Rhône and Saône, opening ceremony of the 10th edition of Lyon comic strip festival). I visited museums (Confluences, Beaux-Arts) and institutions (Region Rhône-Alpes). I had the pleasure to meet the mayor of Lyon, Gérard Collomb and met as well the new and previous president of AFL. While enjoying the "fête de la musique" at the AFLyon I realized that all students were coming from the worldwide. All are from different cultures and languages gathered here for French language !

I have just finished one month of French language studies at Alliance française de Lyon and I'll keep great memories of all I discovered here. Now, I will share all that I have seen and heard with my family and my friends in China !"







 Joel et ses amis à l'AF Lyon

"Hi all! My name is Joel and I am from Lima (Perú ) but I've lived in Madrid for 14 years so Spain is like my country! I studied law at the University Complutense of Madrid and after, I did a Master in Diplomacy and International Relations, a discipline that excites me ! I love traveling, learning about other cultures and make me real friends ! I am interested in the problems of our society and politics.
Why do I learn french ? Because it's a beautiful language that I have always liked and because I am attracted by France, history and French culture ! In addition, the French language is very important and necessary for my job.
I chose the AF Lyon since I started studying French for the first time at the Alliance française of Lima and my experience has been very positive. When I decided to come to France , I chose the AF Lyon without hesitation. I discovered a great international and
very nice atmosphere! After three months at AF Lyon I am very glad I decided to come here ! I will definitely recommand this experience to all! "

Read in Spanish




" Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Яна Величанская, я живу в России.

Французский язык я учу для удовольствия и еще, чтобы лучше понять французские культуру и менталитет, что очень важно, когда ты работаешь в международной компании.
Я очень довольна выбором школы «Альянс Франсез». Даже имея уровень владения языком А2N1, с первого дня обучения в школе я чувствовала себя очень комфортно, так как персонал всегда был готов мне помочь.
Особенно хочется поблагодарить преподавателей, которые очень профессионально и, в то же время, с чувством юмора помогали нам понять сложный материал. Поэтому занятия всегда были информативными и интересными.
В школе мне удалось встретить студентов из разных стран, которые тоже были заинтересованы в общении на французском и с которыми я замечательно проводила время после занятий в школе.
После месяца, проведенного в «Альянс Франсез», я чувствую себя более уверенно, когда говорю по-французски. Я хотела бы сказать большое СПАСИБО школе за замечательное время, которое я провела в Лионе! "


"Hello ! My name is Yana and I come from Russia.
I learn french language just for fun and also to understand the French culture and mentality, which is very important when you work in an international company. I am very happy with my choice of the Alliance française. Even if I have a A2N1 level, I felt comfortable from the first day at school, as the school staff was always willing to help me. I particularly want to thank the teachers for helping us understand complex information in a very professional way and with a good sense of humor at the same time. So the classes were very informative and interesting.

At school I was fortunate to meet many students from other countries who are also interested in communicating in French and with whom I had a wonderful time after school.
After a month in Alliance française Lyon I feel safer when I speak French.
I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the AF for the great time in Lyon!"




 Gabriel HIDALGO

"Yo aprendo frances porque necesito trabajar en Lyon, para poder comunicarme libremente y para hacer mas amigos.
Yo pienso que la alliance es una buena institucion de language, los profesores son bien profesionales en lo que hacen y hay bastantes herramientas para poder hablar si es que uno se lo propone. 
Mi proyecto futuro es trabajar en una buena compañia en Francia, seguir estudiando un doctorado y hablar frances fluido."


"I am learning French in order to work in Lyon, to communicate freely and make more friends.

I think that Alliance is a good language school, teachers are professional and there are enough tools to be able to speak if we intend to.

My future project is to work in a company in France, to make a doctorate and to be fluent in French."





"Je m’appelle Cecilia et viens du Bangladesh. Je suis religieuse de « Notre Dame des missions » et en ce moment j’habite à Fourvière. Je suis venue en France comme missionnaire. C’est pourquoi  j’ai  besoin d’apprendre la langue française pour communiquer, faire mes étudies supérieures et faire une formation. J’offre ma vie au service du Seigneur et j’ai envie de continuer ma vie dans le service de l’église.

Je connaissais l’existence de l’Alliance française dans mon pays. De nombreuses personnes m’ont recommandé l’Alliance française. Elles ont dit que c’est un organisme sérieux et efficace pour apprendre la langue française. Parce qu’elle est un institut très vivant et dynamique, elle donne aux étudiants une bonne motivation pour leur apprentissage. C’est la raison pour laquelle j’ai choisi l’Alliance française et je suis très satisfaite de mon choix car les professeurs sont dynamiques et leurs cours sont agréables. J’apprécie beaucoup l’ambiance internationale de la classe."




étudiante australienne à l'AF Lyon

Leilani  studies French at the AF Lyon, her level is A1N2. Elle tells her experience with us:


"Learning French at AF-Lyon was such a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn this language.  My host family are the most beautiful people.  They are very kind and always had time to help me get settled in.  The staff at AF-Lyon were nice and all my teachers were good.  I met wonderful people from different countries. Rating my experience - it's 10/10! "



 Miho Kobayashi, étudiante coréenne à l'AF Lyon

Miho Kobayashi is japonese, she studies at AF Lyon, her level is B2N2. Here is her story:


"Chère Alliance française de Lyon, bonjour! Je m'appelle Miho Kobayashi. Je suis japonaise. Je travaillais comme infirmière au Japon pendant 8 ans. Depuis longtemps, je voulais participer à "médecin du monde". Pour cela, j'avais besoin du DELF niveau B2 aussi tôt que possible... "Read the story  



Jonathan Leconte, AF Lyon volunteer

Jonathan, volunteer AF Lyon


"Hello, my name is Jonathan Leconte and I am from Bourgogne (French region). After my degree, I went to study in Dijon, the capital of mustard, to have my Master 2 in Cultural Administration. Passionated about cultures and languages I went to Erasmus Jena in Germany for a year and upon my return to France, I founded the association of international students to continue to exchange and speak several languages ​​and French obviously! Thanks to International contacts I (re)discovered the French language. I now live in Lyon and am studying Master 1 in "French as a foreign language" in order to become a teacher of French language. What is the best place to learn French in Lyon ? the Alliance française, everyone knows it ! That's why I wanted to be a volunteer to help teachers in cultural activities and learn the profession ! "   


François Ojardias, French host family :


"Since 2006 we welcome students of the Alliance française.
At first it was a financial assistance for the education of our children. Our children have now left home, but today we still continue to receive, 
with pleasure,students from the world. We let them know Lyon and the region, and they love good food and good wine that we like make them discover.
With many of them we have relationships and we keep friendships. We are expected everywhere around the world, and very often our young students come back to us on a trip to France, which is very nice.
We love this rewarding activity, and we thank the AF Lyon with whom we work with confidence."