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Summer is coming in Lyon! AFLyon offers Immersion Programmes which combine French courses cultural visits in the most attractive city in France. This programme is designed for those who want to learn fast & experience l'art de vivre à la française! As a UNESCO World Heritage site and a city of Gastronomy & Culture, Lyon is becoming more & more attractive:

Europe's leading city break destination (World Travel Award, 2016)

The most attractive city in France (PWC, 2015)

        3rd favorite destination for international travelers (TripAdvisor 2016)


Enhance your skills in French with:  

For groups of 10 students minimum: 2 week-package including accommodation + General French courses + cultural workshops + amazing visits to discover Lyon's secrets. For more information, please contact us.




Do you want to give to your students an authentic experience?


Organize your stay with AFLyon to experience real French culture!


French courses in the morning, cultural activities in the afternoon and accommodation in a host family or in a hotel residence, your students will enjoy their stay in Lyon!

From Halles Paul Bocuse to the Institut Lumière and the Maison des Canuts, Lyon is a must-see destination, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and famous for the gastronomy and culture.


Contact us to organize your tailor-made stay (10 students minimum and 18 years old).


partnership with BDI of EM LYON 

We have the pleasure to announce a partnership between Bureau Des Internationaux de EM LYON and Alliance Française de Lyon !EM Lyon business school students can now enjoy 12% discount on General French courses upon presentation of their student card. 


Año cruzado Francia-Colombia 2017
El año cruzado Francia-Colombia 2017, iniciado el 16 de diciembre en la Plaza Bolivar en Bogotá con las Fiestas de las Luces de Lyon, nos da la oportunidad de encontrarnos con algunos estudiantes colombianos que estudian actualmente en la Alianza de Lyon. Ellos nos cuentan sus proyectos, sus aspiraciones y deseos.
A sus 12 años, Katherin obtuvo una beca para estudiar el francés durante algunos meses. Esta primera experiencia la llenó de ganas de ir más lejos y algunos años más tarde ella decide inscribirse a la Alianza Francesa de Medellín. Muy motivada ella asistia a sus cursos de francés de forma paralela a sus cursos en la Institución Educativa Madre María Mazzarello. Nace, entonces, su proyecto de irse a estudiar a Francia, se define poco a poco e inmediatamente después de graduarse como bachiller, Katherin se sube en un avión rumbo a Lyon con un objetivo claro en su cabeza "Estudio el francés en Lyon para obtener mi DELF B2 y luego poder inscribirme en el pregrado de Biología en la Universidad de Estrasburgo". 
Como tenemos ganas de saber más, esta joven estudiante llena de energia asegura que fue en un principio por la talla humana que hay en Lyon que ella la eligió esta primera destinación "París es como Bogotá; Lyon es como Medellín" y por la calidad de de la educación en biología es que ella eligió Estrasburgo.
Llegada a Lyon hace 10 meses, Katherin aprecia particularmente la calidad de vida: "me encanta caminar por las orillas del Ródano y del Saona: ¡el agua es tan clara que hay cisnes y patos en plena ciudad!" Cuenta emocionada antes de añadir "el transporte público está muy bien organizado y además uno puede fácilmente visitar la ciudad a pie o en bicicleta".
Y entre todo esto ¿en dónde queda el francés? "Todo se vuelve muy fácil cuando se estudia aquí, uno tiene muchas oportunidades de practicar y hablar y los franceses, al contrario de lo que dicen los clichés, son muy acogedores, ellos me brindan ayuda todo el tiempo!" 
Delante de tanto entusiasmo, tenemos, efectivamente, ganas de ayudar a esta joven colombiana: Bravo, Katherin y sigue adelante!

In order to strengthen our relationships with our partners in South America, Carole Brunie (Executive Director of Alliance française of Lyon) has visited several structures including Alliance française of Sao Paolo (Brasil), Brasilia (Brasil) and La Paz (Bolivia). 


Those warm meetings full of promise will give us the opportunity to keep making history that we began together.

Thank you to all for this amazing welcome!


 "I fulfilled a dream"



Winner of the contest organized by the Alliances Françaises of Shanghai and Lyon with the support of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, Olivia is finishing her language stay at the Alliance Française of Lyon. With her eyes sparkling and a smile on her face she admits in excellent French: «I realized a dream! I started to learn French in 2010 while I was coming back from a professional trip in Cannes (Olivia works in the movie industry). My desire to go live in France for a while appeared at that time...».


In 2015, while she's attending classes at the Alliance Française of Shanghai, her friends encourage her to participate in this contest, the winner of which will board for a month language trip at the Alliance Française of Lyon. Inspired by the Lumière Brothers, Olivia wrote an intrigue involving these two Lyonnais iconic cinema figures. Between French lessons, she shares: «I loved learning French in France: I found myself getting a real jump and, for the first time, I feel comfortable when I speak French. I've also learned a lot about myself, something has changed in me and I feel like I have grown up! ».


An avid France lover since a long time, Olivia is now addicted to Lyon: «With its excellent cuisine, its rivers, its swans, it is a city where it feels good to live... I had a real crush for the second-hand bookshops on the Quais de Saône and I'm leaving with a suitcase full of books! » Olivia is hoping to come back soon in Lyon. Why not during the Festival Lumière ?




从小热爱法国文化的Olivia,现在也沉迷于里昂:"里昂的美食,宁静的河流,端庄的天鹅,真是一个让人感到生活无比美好的城市... 周末索恩河的旧书市场,真是让我心动不已。我的行李箱装满了法语书! "




an amazing performance by our students

To celebrate the French Language Week, our students showcased their amazing talents during the show "Une journée particulière" written and directed by Nathalie Herpe and Julien Boureau, two AFLyon teachers. Given the huge success of the show, they will have the opportunity to perform:
- on March 19th, 6pm @CCO Villeurbanne
- on March 22nd, 6.30pm @Mairie du 6ème arrondissement
We would like to thank you Ana (Espagne), Diana (Colombie), Emilia (Equateur), Fang (Chine), Katmael (Mexique), Lourdes (Mexique), Marie (Suède), Mohammed (Jordanie), Natalia (Argentine),YY (Taiwan) and Zhanyl (Kyrgystan) for this wonderful moment!




Congratulations to the Alliance Française of Lyon's jury members: they came from China, Brasil, Spain, Great Britain, Italy and Chile to study French in Lyon and had the amazing opportunity to grant the Award for the Francophonie at this Short Film Competition (Vaulx-en-Velin).


Every year since 2013, the Alliance Française of Lyon participates in the festival UN POING C'EST COURT and his jury, composed of 10 students, delivers the Award for the Francophonie to his favorite director.



new courses in 2016!


The Alliance française de Lyon opens new courses in 2016.


80h combined course: General French (60h)+ cultural and touristic workshop (20h)

This formula combines the effectiveness of language learning and socio-cultural discovery of the local environment. It allows you to explore the city, meet artists and artisans from Lyon, visiting cultural places where accessibility is limited.


March : Theatre (into the framework of the "Semaine de la langue française")

June : Comic strips (into the framework of Lyon BD Festival)

October : Cinema (into the framework of Festivals « Un poing c’est court » in Vaux- en- Velin and Lumière film festival)

November : Gastronomy (into the framework of the World Hospitality and Food Service Event)

December : Lyon, UNESCO city (into the framework of the Light festival)


80h combined course: General French (60h) + French for University (20h)
This formula is for people wishing to follow a university course in France after a language refresher. It allows learning French and the discovery of higher education by attending courses at universities and / or colleges of Lyon.

Improve writing skills
These formulas are complementary to conventional learning and aim to improve the mastery of written language.

72h : General French (60h) + grammar (12h)
72h : General French (60h) + writing practice (12h)
84h : General French (60h) + writing practice (12h) + grammar (12h)

Improve oral skills
This approach is complementary to conventional learning and seeks to improve the mastery of oral language.

12h : phonetics (6h) + oral practice (6h)




For its 30th anniversary, the Alliance française Lyon has opened a self learning center for its international students...


Located on the first floor in the extended building, the self-learning center "Antoine de Saint Exupéry" is a space dedicated to our students. They will be able to read and consult tools classified according to the levels of the Common Reference frame for languages (A1 to C2), and consolidate their knowledge of the French language and culture in their levels.


Access reserved to AF Lyon's students.

Learn more



Lyon international : "diner at a local french family"


Lyon international wants to create social link between locals and foreigners. Thus foreigners are invited to eat at a french family, in order to arouse cultural exchange and cordial family moments. In partnership with Lyon International since September 2013, the AF Lyon send its students at a local...


Blesta Oktaventi, student from Indonesia was invited by a french family the 27th of November. She tells her evening:

" J'ai découvert Lyon International grâce à l'Alliance Française de Lyon et je me suis ensuite inscrite sur leur site Internet. Pour une première fois c'était très bien. J'ai été invitée par une famille française. Nous avons mangé le repas typique lyonnais. Nous avons beaucoup discuté en français. C'était super pour pratiquer la langue. Après ce dîner, nous avons communiqué plusieurs foir par mail.


Jane Mwangi, student from Kenya tells her experience at a french family table too! See her story


The Alliance française is 130 years old!


The Alliance française Foundation celebrated the 130th anniversary of the Alliance française at its 35th International Conference held on 16 and 17 July 2013. On this occasion, presidents and directors representing 800 Alliances françaises established in 136 countries have met in Paris, and have been received by President Francois Hollande.


Look at the interview of Jean-Claude Jacq, General Secretary of the AF Foundation, and the program of the Conference, on the website of the AF Foundation




International relations

Threading relations with other Alliances françaises abroad, the AF Lyon received visits from several Alliances françaises representatives, demonstrating the vitality of its international links and providing opportunities for collaboration both linguistically and culturally with these institutions.

Read more


The Alliance Française labeled UNESCO Club

 Press Conference March 2013Logo of the French Federation of UNESCO Clubs


In 2013, the Alliance Française Lyon is the first French Alliance in the world to be labeled UNESCO Club.

March 19th 2013, a press conference was held at the AF Lyon about this labeling in the presence of Mr. Claude Vielix, Vice-President of the French Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Mr. Bernard Mouillon, President of the AF Lyon, and Ms. Carole Brunie, Director of AF Lyon.

The Alliance Française Lyon joins the 250 clubs affiliated with the French Federation of UNESCO Clubs, and nearly 3,800 clubs all around the world.


Cultural and linguistic actions in the future will combine the missions of the Alliance Française and UNESCO. This affiliation impulse a new dynamic around strategic areas: development and diffusion of local and international french cultural expressions, promotion of dialogue between cultures and peoples through the Alliances Françaises international network, and promotion of a culture of peace and of human rights through exchanges and cooperation with the network of UNESCO Clubs.

More information on the web site of the French Federation of UNESCO Clubs :





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