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plastic omnium


Activity : The world leader in automotive body components, fuel systems and waste management solutions

Employees : 22 000

Establishment : 91 countries


Since June 2015, we welcome in a one-to-one course Miss Juliana Araujo, learning manager at Plastic Omnium. 

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Juliana Araujo, learning manager at Plastic Omnium. 

HCL Technologies France


Activity: One of the international leaders in IT industry

Employees: 100 240 

Establisment: 31 countries


From January to March 2015 we've taught French to 4 employees of this indian company. They were enrolled in our evening classes, in A1N1 beginner level, every Tuesdays and Thursdays.





HCL Technologies France employees at AFL: Onkarappa, Jacob P, Amin and Nagarajachar




Activity: trading grains, shipbuilding, maritime transport, telecommunications
Employees: 30 000
Establisment: 53 countries

Since its establishment in Lyon in 2012 at the 'Cité Internationale', the company regularly asksAF Lyon for training in French expatriate employees.
Courses are tailored to the company's needs and can be either individual or collective. All courses are organized within the company to enable employees to stay in their working environment.


Louis Dreyfus Commodities  


 French class at Louis Dreyfus Commodities